Punches in different materials, with countersunk or socket heads conforming to DIN/ISO standards or own or customers’ specifications. Ball-lock punches and dies. All these high-wear parts benefit from the constant monitoring of quality that characterizes our entire standard parts fabrication process, from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of the finished product. The result – an exceptionally long die life – cuts costs dramatically in the punching shop by reducing the need for tool changes.

Ball-lock retainers, square, rectangular, round and triangle for precision punches and quick-change precision punches. Precision-made cylindrical pins complying with DIN standards or fitted with retraction jackets, in reduced tolerance ranges specially adapted for the toolmaking industry.

Also available:

  • precision ground plates, with different shapes for punches and ball-locked punches
  • high precision gauge pins with and without handle, as single pins and also in sets
  • Pins DIN
  • ejector pins for mould making, complying with DIN / ISO standards or customers' own specification.
  • high-precision gauge pins DIN 2269
  • date stamps
  • blanking tools for the automotive industry
  • Dynamic Stripper (DAE)
  • Punch with tapered head