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INNOVATION + RELIABILITY = SUCCESS FIBRO India is a 100% subsidiary of FIBRO GmbH and a global market leader offering Standard parts for Die & Mould Making Industries and Rotary Tables for Metal Cutting & Automation systems.
Read More Read LessIn 1958, Fischer-Brodbeck GmbH (FIBRO), incorporated in Weinsberg, Germany. Since 1974 the company has been part of the LÄPPLE Group. Laepple is a century-old company with a firm footing in sheet metal forming in bodywork construction. Our motto is to offer German Precision with Indigenous Cost Benefits. FIBRO Standard Parts mean ultimate precision and have extensive application as standardized products in tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering. This product range includes the Die Sets, Guide Elements, Low-Maintenance Oilless Guide Elements, Precision Parts such as Punches and Matrices, Compression Springs, High-Safety Gas Springs, metal forming materials, Peripheral Equipment for Press and Tools, Cam Units with and Standard Parts for Mould Making. FIBRO is the PIONEERS of the Rotary/Indexing table. We started manufacturing Rotary Tables for metal cutting in 1960. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive range of Rotary Indexing Tables for Metal Cutting along with Automation systems. We understand our responsibility towards our stakeholders comprising employees, business partners and investors LÄPPLE AG, society, and the environment. Trust and Respect are cornerstones of our relationships with our stakeholders. The company is committed to developing solutions and products that add value to our customers and contribute to sustainability to businesses. In addition, we exercise continuous efforts in Research and Development to offer path-breaking solutions and secure market leadership.

795 Employees

A Quality Management
System in Line with ISO 9001

Branch Offices in France, Poland,
the USA, Singapore, Korea and China

Over 70 Representatives and Service
Partners Worldwide

An Environmental Management
System in Line with ISO 14001


Our philosophy and approach – in other words, the way we think and act – are crucial to the successful development of our company. The values of the LÄPPLE Group are what drives these thoughts and actions. They determine our corporate culture and they are our commitment regarding our behaviour towards society, our business partners, and among each other.


LÄPPLE is a diverse group of companies, so it is faced with a wide variety of challenges. Our mission statement describes the common denominator behind all these efforts. It is a promise to all our stakeholders and to ourselves that shows the way we work, where we are heading and the goals we intend to achieve.


LÄPPLE is a globally active group of companies whose specialist firms offer high-quality products and solutions as part of the industrial value chain. The innovative, high-performance range of products covers forming and bodywork technology as well as automation systems engineering, mechanical engineering and tool making. With extensive expertise and many years of experience, LÄPPLE is a reliable partner that understands its customersI interests and the developments on the market.
Our Mission


The LÄPPLE Group is an innovative and customer-focused business. At the same time, as a value-based family enterprise, we strive for long-term, sustainable success.Through our collaborative and forward-looking approach, we are a leading supplier and service provider for our customers, and we are among the best in our respective fields. We are at the forefront of developing and using smart technologies of the future and thus are driving forward the digital revolution in manufacturing.

Read More Read LessWe are also an attractive employer, accepting our social responsibilities as a company, and are a first-rate investment for our shareholders. In the field of forming technology, we are a specialist in formed metal or composite parts, and we are preferred partners in the aftermarket business. Due to our high level of precision and first-class service we are the global technological leader in standard parts and rotary tables used in tools and mechanical engineering. As a provider of efficient automation solutions, we increase the productivity of our customers, offering them our impressive, standardised, modular gantry system and well-designed applications. And at home, LÄPPLE is a prestigious employer known for its numerous training and professional development opportunities. The company’s unique training and professional development programme fosters an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the subject matter, ensuring that the next generation of workers are the best they can be.
Our Vision


Our success is based on the enthusiasm, creativity and devotion of our employees. The trust and requirements of our customers determine our actions.

The competence regarding processes gained and reliable handling of projects as well as the quality of our products have made FIBRO India a sought-after partner around the world when it comes to machinery, tooling and related equipment.



Capacity Expansion Cam Units Width 200 mm and Export Globally


Localization of Precision
Punches, Aerial Cams
Width 65-80 mm


Localization of Rotary
EM.NC Series


Phase II Inauguration,
Product Capacity


What we all share is our Love for technology - in all its facets.


We are certified to ensure our processes are fully harmonised.


Responsible business practices constitute one of our core company values.